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Why TV brackets are a must for LCD and plasma TVs

Category: TV Brackets — January 17th, 2009

LCD and plasma TVs are designed to provide an optimal viewing experience that is unmatched by other television models. These flat screens are available in large screen sizes and are light in weight making them ideal to be mounted on walls and ceilings. When an LCD or Plasma TV is mounted on a wall or a ceiling, the viewing experience is multiplied significantly.

When mounting an LCD or plasma TV on the wall, the first important step is selecting the right place. If you have selected to mount your TV on the wall, then you need to ensure that the wall is strong enough to support the weight of the TV. The wall should ideally be made of a strong building material and not from weaker, unsupportive materials.

The next step is purchasing the right TV bracket. It is crucial to buy the right sized TV bracket for your TV; otherwise, the bracket will be useless in supporting your precious new TV. Normally, the VESA size of your TV is written in its manual or can be known by measuring the distance between the mounting holes at the rear of your LCD or plasma TV.

There are many types of TV brackets available on the market, which offer different features such as a swivel arm, tilt etc. The quality of the material used in the TV brackets should also be inspected since it has to support the entire weight of your LCD or plasma TV.

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