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Why should you buy an LCD TV?

Category: Home Cinema — December 9th, 2008

LCD TVs are costlier than CRT TVs, so the question that pops up often is why should you spend more on a product while a cheaper version is still available? The answer is not that hard to find, once you know the advantages of an LCD TV.

Firstly, the quality of picture that is generated by LCD TVs is simply outstanding. They have a high aspect and contrast ratio, making the pictures brighter, sharper and more real, making the whole TV watching experience more enjoyable.

LCD TVs consume less space as they are directly fitted to the wall using brackets. The fitting of TV brackets increases viewing options. There are a variety of brackets available to fulfil your needs.

Depending on the type of TV bracket used, the TV can be slid from right to left or swung in different directions. This makes it possible for you to watch TV from different angles and parts of a room. Thus one TV can be viewed from two different spaces. Moreover since the TV brackets fit the TVs to the wall, they can be put up at convenient places and at a safe distance which is healthier for the eyes.

LCD TVs are more stylish and sleek and so go better with modern furnishing and add a zing to your home décor. They give you an entirely different viewing experience.

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