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When is 3D TV coming?

Category: News — September 28th, 2009

With the sky getting ready with broadcast part of things and Blu-ray discs filled with 3D movie content, this is one question that is constantly badgering every technophiles mind.
With a number of inventive approaches at demonstrating what 3D television might look like, here is a quick low down on where some of the market leaders stand on the 3D TV front.

LG televisions

Despite the advances in the OLED section at the IFA this year, we have no sign of a 3D television here. The company disappointed at this year’s CES and at Berlin this year as well. However there is a sign of a 3D television prototype in Korea. Which means it is probably a long wait until it gets to the UK.


This company is doing fine in terms of traditional flat screen displays. As it demonstrated its television at IFA this year, it showed competitors and the general audience its unique advantage of its super fast plasma screen. It also happens to be the first company that claims to know how the very first 3D movies for television are being made in Hollywood. This means they will be able to provide the viewer with 1080p support in 3D.


Outlined plans at IFA 2009 and has promised a whole range of LCD televisions that are stereoscopic, uses high speed shutter speed technology and can incorporate these features into its existing screens like the Sony Bravia. Not just this, it can also do the same for its Vaio laptops, PlayStation 3s and other devices. It has declared that its 3D TV will be out sometime in 2010.

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