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What to look for when buying a TV wall bracket

Category: Advice — December 9th, 2008

Since you have decided to move with the times to get the best viewing experience possible, you have gone and got yourself a new LCD TV. Why then be content with viewing it the way you would watch a conventional TV, when you can use wall TV brackets to mount it on the wall and have a cinema hall of your own?

There are various options if you go looking for a TV wall bracket, however, make the right choice because installing a TV wall bracket will mean drilling a lot of holes and you do not want to be left with a number of holes in your wall just because you did not make the right choice. Make sure that you know the weight of your TV before going for a wall bracket because it has to support the entire weight of your LCD TV.

Since most TV mounts come with a maximum weight bearing capacity of 200-300 pounds – much more than the average weight of a TV – you can rest easy, however it never hurts to be sure. Take into consideration the wall that you want to mount your TV on and whether it is a concrete wall or a wooden wall, because these things matter when installing a TV bracket. It might be wise to try and get the job of installing the bracket done by professionals.

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