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Wall mounting a plasma TV bracket

Category: Advice — October 23rd, 2009

A plasma TV wall bracket is a trendy and secure way to mount your TV set on the wall. By mounting the TV set on the wall, you save lot of space in the room and also avoid using extra furniture. Different designs of TV brackets provide numerous options to adjust the screen to various angles to facilitate TV viewing from any place in the room where you might like to sit.

Steps in the installation of a plasma TV bracket

To enjoy TV viewing on a big screen, you should take necessary care in the selection of a TV bracket, its mounting on the wall and final installation of the set on the bracket. You can hire services of a professional to install the wall bracket or if you are confident of doing it yourself you may take these steps.

Locate the stud in the wall

After selecting the right type of TV bracket to suit your requirements and deciding where you want to install your TV set, you need to find the location of the stud in the wall. Make use of a stud finder to locate the centre in order to fix the TV bracket securely.

Drill holes

Choose an appropriate mounting height and mark the stud centre on the wall with a pencil. Ensure that the location of the bracket is level. You may use cardboard the size of the TV screen for accurate marking. After ensuring correct marking, drill holes into the stud.

Fix bracket and TV set

After drilling, fix the bracket onto the wall with screws. Fix the TV set to the bracket and this will complete the installation of your TV bracket.

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