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UK to be braced with new Phillips 21:9 LCD TV

Category: Home Cinema,LCD Brackets,TV Brackets — March 12th, 2009

Phillips, one of the most well known electronic brands has recently launched the Cinema 21:9, an LCD TV that is set to arrive this June in the UK. Apparently this LCD TV is the ultimate entertainment unit for watching movies in their complete glory. People are currently making do with a 16:9 flat panel that can pose a problem with many different format sources.

However, the new Phillips 56 inch flat screen TV is said to solve all these problems. The TV’s 21:9 aspect ratio will be capable of supporting blu-ray disc content as well. The 21:9 TV has been developed with a view to capturing the complete viewing experience anyone could hope for. The new Phillips LCD TV will also be equipped with Ambilight Spectra technology. The company states that this feature will allow 16:9 content from various sources to properly fill the 21:9 inch screen.

This will provide viewers with the possibility of enjoying a movie with the same experience of watching it in a cinema. The rise of high definition LCD TVs has resulted in huge sales of TV brackets. This is because it is the most appropriate way to mount a TV and also because TV brackets enhance the viewing experience.

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