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Types of TV brackets and their uses

Category: TV Brackets — August 13th, 2009

LCD TVs offer great picture quality and occupy very little space. The style factor adds highly to the appeal of the LCD TVs. Therefore, if you want to show off your LCD TV and enjoy watching it, wall mounting it is a must. Several types of TV brackets can be used for installing the flat screen TVs. Some most popular types of TV brackets are discussed below.

Sliding TV brackets:

Sliding TV brackets are better than fixed TV brackets as they allow shifting the TV screen from right to left and vice versa by a few inches. Sliding TV brackets are suitable for narrow and long rooms which are not very large in size. These are priced at a lower rate too.

Tilting TV brackets:
Tilting TV brackets allow the TV screen to tilt by about ten to 15 degrees in all four directions. The ability to tilt the TV screen allows the viewers to avoid reflection and offers them a better TV viewing experience. When a TV is being installed in a small room, a tilting TV bracket should be opted for instead of fixed TV brackets that allow no movement.

Swivelling TV brackets:

Swivelling TV brackets are more sophisticated and fixed with a cantilever arm that allows the TV screen to be swivelled in opposite directions by 180 degrees. 360 degree rotating TV brackets are also available. These TV brackets are expensive and must be chosen only when the room where the TV is being installed is large.

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