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TV weighing only 16kg to be launched by Philips

Category: News — January 2nd, 2009

After the first set being seen at IFA, Philips, one of best brands in electronic technology, have officially launched their superlight LCD television. The television is called ‘Essence’ and is now available for purchase.

The main reason for Philips releasing this television was because most people are concerned that their television may fall down due its size and weight. Therefore, in releasing this extremely light television, Philips wants to put an end to this fear.

The television weighs only 16kg, this is mainly due to all picture processing, power and tuner hardware being housed in a ‘connectivity hub’. With this method only one cable is left which takes care of the power, sound and picture. All of the inputs are plugged into this box. Along with this, there is also a levelling TV bracket included with the television that allows you to mount this television easily.

The response time of the screen is around 2 milliseconds, and provides high picture quality with a contrast ratio of 66,000:1 and 1080p resolution. Along with three HDMI inputs, this 42 inch television does not come cheap and is priced at £1999.

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