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TV Wall Brackets and their great benefits

Category: TV Brackets — July 22nd, 2009

TV wall brackets have several advantages, besides saving space in your living room. You can change the viewing angle of your TV to any direction and at any time, thus improving your viewing experience. This is where TV wall brackets play a great role. They are also available in different styles and thus can be used as a decorative piece too.

Varied kinds of TV wall brackets
Flush TV wall mounts or brackets are the best option to mount your TV on the wall permanently. They can hold TV sets of all different sizes securely to the wall. Tilting TV wall mounts are better when you want limited flexibility for changing viewing angle. These are mostly used in homes where televisions are set on a high mount against the wall. Tilting TV brackets are kept at about three inch mounting distance from the wall and are thicker than flush TV wall brackets. Swivel and tilt TV wall brackets best suit small LCD TVs of up to 32 inches, which allows for up and down tilting of up to 15 degrees and rotation by 360 degrees, for a better viewing experience.

The flexibility of cantilever arm TV brackets facilitates usage in both homes and offices or for commercial purposes. Ceiling TV brackets, on the other hand, are almost like tilt TV brackets, but are fixed on ceilings only and are thus suitable for various businesses, such as commercial complexes, supermarkets and clubs, wherein television sets are kept out of touching distance.

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