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TV brackets not as confusing as Smart TV market

As competition intensifies in the Smart TV market, consumers are finding it ever more tricky to decide what’s for them. This is not the case in the TV brackets market. Each TV manufacturer is trying to set out its stall in terms of how the software that connects a TV to the internet should appear .

One of the problems is that when taken at face value, they look similar but the features and content can be wildly different.

A common theme is streaming access to YouTube and Netflix but differences can be vast too, for example Sharp’s Quattron has internet radio and access to Facebook whilst other models might let you tweet from the TV screen.

Samsung has a web-connected TV and LG has a Smart TV, which lets you stream video from a computer. But, in some vases manufacturers are launching different models with different platforms so categorisation of what’s what and uses what and what that does is almost impossible. For example, Sony Bravias can access Hulu and but Sony Google TVs can’t. Toshiba’s Net TV can run Skype, but its Yahoo Connected versions work differently.

Many manufacturers are making decision based on providing customers the most amount of choice in a bid to better appeal to more target markets. Samsung believes that some people will choose some of its Samsung TVs based not he fact it has a Google platform but equally some TV networks are preventing their internet content available on Google TV.

Unlike smartphones, there’s a great deal more players with different platforms in the smart TV arena with all kinds of different apps, interfaces and features.

DisplaySearch, a research consultancy predicts that LCD sales will slow down this year, and equally, Smart TVs may prove to be a little over-hyped. In fact, apparently, half of people who buy Samsung’s internet capable TVs connect them to the Web.

Whatever you choose in this confusing market-place, one thing at least is straightforward: TV brackets are a must. If you’re investing in fancy technology, or even if you’re not, how you position your TV will affect how much you enjoy it. Being comfortable is a necessity to being well entertained and watching TV at the perfect angle contributes to enjoyment. Such enjoyment is only possible with TV brackets. TV brackets also help you to tidy up your life by making your room less cluttered. Decluttering contributes to a happier state of mind, so TV brackets help lift your psychological mood too.









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