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Thieves steal plasma screen television from city hospital

Category: News,TV Brackets — February 26th, 2009

Angry parents slammed thieves who stole a plasma screen television from the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital. Parents of sick children, who were long-term patients at the children hospital, used the television as well as the children.

Some other items were also stolen from the Aberdeen Children’s Hospital, it was believed that the plasma screen was safely bolted down but according to one patient’s father, the thief had used bolt cutters to escape with the television.

The general feeling by most parents is one of disgust and utter disbelief. They cannot believe that anyone would stoop so low and steal a television from the hospital that is doing do much to help families.

A spokeswoman for NHS Grampian confirmed the incident of the plasma screen television being stolen from the parents lounge at the Aberdeen hospital. She also added that the act of brazenly stealing a television from the hospital was utterly despicable.

Another parent from Aberdeen said that after the recent spate of thefts, all items in the hospital family room were now secured.

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