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The UK digital television switchover timeline and other details

Category: News — December 5th, 2008

Below is a quick rundown on what you must know about the big digital television switchover.

The first key thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will be switching over to digital television in 2012. In fact, some will be required to be ready much earlier than that. The country is categorised into various TV regions, with each working gradually towards their own switchover dates. So the Scottish Borders switchover date is sooner than in London, where it is not due until 2012.

Here is a rough idea as to when the switchover will be coming to your respective area:

West Country: 8 April 2009
Wales: 12 August 2009
Granada: 4 November 2009
West: January 2010
STV Central: 2010
STV North: 2010
Yorkshire: 2011
Anglia: 2011
Central: 2011
London: 2012
Meridian: 2012
Tyne Tees: 2012
Ulster: 2012
Lastly, Channel Islands: Yet to be confirmed

Apart from in a few select cases, you can convert your existing television to receive a digital signal, even if it is an old black and white TV set. However, every set in your house which you wish to use, will need to be made digital television compatible. A good idea is to get a new TV set with proper brackets and fittings.

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