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The types of TV brackets that are commonly used in homes

Category: TV Brackets — July 8th, 2009

When people buy large screen LCD and plasma TVs, finding an appropriate place for the unit is always a concern. These flat screen TVs are not meant to be placed on any kind of TV unit because the whole point of their slim sleek design would be lost. So instead of using a large unit which would take up extra space to put the TV on, TV wall brackets are used to mount them. There are different kinds of TV brackets, each with their own advantages, depending on individual preferences.

TV wall brackets are suitable for all homes

Tilting TV brackets
For places where the TV is being mounted higher than the place from where it will be viewed, tilting brackets are the ideal choice. Tilting TV brackets allow you to tilt the unit to a certain angle for better viewing. These brackets are used usually in bedrooms so that viewers do not have to crane their necks to watch TV whether they are sitting or lying down.

Swivel and tilt TV brackets
With these types of TV brackets, viewers get the added benefit of tilting the TV coupled with rotation of the TV up to 360 degrees. Swivel and tilt TV brackets provide viewers with the most flexibility when they want to change the TV viewing angle.

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