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The TVs available today and the TV brackets that support them

Category: TV Brackets — October 16th, 2009

The television has come a long way for what it used to be in the past. A TV used to be a big box that used to be kept in the living room. It did not look appealing to the eye and used to only be in black and white!

The evolution of the TV and the TV bracket
The scene has however changed today with the introduction of LCD TVs and plasma TVs. These TVs are ultra slim and give you a picture clarity (in colour) that is a thousand times better than a CRT TV. They are so slim that they are beginning to look like flat sheets of metal and glass moulded together. Being so slim, they need a TV bracket to provide them with support to keep them attached to the wall. You might say that a TV bracket is the today’s TV cabinet, only that it does not cost a lot and does not occupy a lot of space. There are different types of TV brackets available.

The different types of TV brackets available
The TV brackets available today are the flush TV wall bracket, the tilt TV wall bracket, the swivel and tilt TV wall bracket, the cantilever TV wall bracket and the ceiling TV wall bracket. These TV brackets give you various levels of flexibility. Hence, choose the right TV bracket for your application.

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