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The selection of TV brackets available to the consumer

Category: News — April 11th, 2011

A TV bracket is a great option for those people who want to get rid of bulky TV stands and furniture. It is often done to save space and enhance the look of your house. TV brackets can be chosen as per the requirements of every individual case.

Flat TV wall brackets

These brackets are often used to fix a TV on the wall. They are available as per the size and weight of every TV. These flat wall brackets lie flush against the wall and do not allow the individual to change the angle of the TV as per the seating arrangement.

Tilt TV brackets

Tilt TV brackets are a better option for mounting that TV because they can tilt up to 35 degrees. These brackets have to be placed on a higher level than flat TV brackets as they need to be tilted down to reduce any glare coming on the TV.

Swivel TV brackets

These are a really great addition to your house as they can be adjusted not just vertically but also horizontally up to 35 degrees and 180 degrees respectively. They tend to stick out from the wall which enables better movement for your TV.

Shelf TV brackets

These are mostly used if the TV is not a flat screen. An arm supports the shelf in a secure manner on the wall and offers extra support which is necessary for a CRT TV.

It is necessary to recheck the kind of wall bracket that will be ideal for your TV as they come in different sizes and weight bearing capacity

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