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The right place and right way to mount your flat screen TV

Category: TV Brackets — February 27th, 2009

For plasma and LCD TV owners, the correct placing of these units is extremely important as it can provide the best television viewing experience. These TVs require a good place for mounting which will not only be helpful and easy for your eyes but also improve the aesthetics of your home. To mount a flat screen TV, what you require most is good TV wall brackets.

The most important thing to keep in mind when mounting a TV is the place where it will be mounted. Flat screen TVs are usually mounted on walls with the help of TV brackets as they give a wonderful effect to the home. It is important to maintain a distance of about 6 metres between the screen and your eyes. This is usually stated to be the optimum distance to watch a TV for clarity and viewing pleasure.

TV brackets allow you to view the set even if you have to mount it at a high level, above the fireplace or out of the reach of children. You should use a tilting TV bracket for this purpose.

Another great benefit of TV brackets is that they do not take up unnecessary floor space, which a TV cabinet used to do. TV brackets are sturdy and reliable and are available in various designs to suit all homes or purposes.

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