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Television trends for 2009

Category: LCD Brackets,TV Brackets — January 20th, 2009

New televisions appear to be shrinking in weight and expanding in screen size. Four inch-deep flat panels were common last year, but now depths of only one inch and even less are achievable. Every big brand like Samsung, Hitachi, LG, Sharp, JVC, Mitsubishi, Sony and Pioneer boast several models of slim and sleek televisions.

Daniel Lee, Vice President of Marketing for Hitachi Home Electronics stated that thin televisions provide consumers with a wide combination of flexibility, elegance, performance, choice and aesthetics. He believes that consumers are demanding slim television for the home as it complements their home and utilises their available space in a better way.

This has led to the redesigning of TV brackets for the increasingly slim televisions. TV brackets hold the television set upright and make the display comfortable and easy to view.

However, with little space between the TV display and the wall, connecting cable wires may be a problem. Therefore, new features have been developed that prop the bottom of the television a few inches away from the wall so that the installer can easily access the cabling and wiring.

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