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Television Bracket is Unsung Hero

Category: News — March 25th, 2011

A television bracket is not a cutting edge piece of equipment like your LED, LCD or Plasma screen. There probably won’t be any television bracket award cermeonies coming soon and in all probability, the television bracket will never have it’s own line of clothing and fashion accessories. But the humble television bracket isn’t designed to steal the limelight. The television bracket, isn’t about glitz and glamour, the television bracket is workhorse behind the scenes, the unsung hero of the modern living room and the rock upon which the success of the glamorous TV is based.

A television bracket is the definition of practicality. Designed to attach your TV to the wall and support it there, it is something seldom seen but constantly used.  There are several types of television bracket to choose from, all of which will take your TV off the floor and turn it in to a real feature, creating space and looking ace all at the same time.  Which kind of television bracket you choose is up to you, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your television and television bracket will fit together perfectly because they are standardised by VESA.

You may want to be able to view your screen from all over the room, in which case you should opt for a swivelling television bracket which supports your TV on a cantilever arm. Alternatively, you may want a corner television bracket, which is an amazing space saver as well as giving you a neat, modern look. You can even buy a ceiling television bracket which hangs your Tv from the ceiling, as if by magic! The most common television bracket is the standard, flat model which securely fixes your TV flush against the wall, giving your TV a look akin to a window or a work of art.

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Series 6 LE32A656 

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