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Sony’s OLED TV production put on hold

Category: News — August 24th, 2009

It seems that electronic manufacturer Sony is having a lot more difficulty than it expected at promoting its latest TV models – the OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). The current financial crisis is definitely making the situation a lot worse. A recent report published by the Wall Street Journal stated that Sony’s TV division is experiencing losses which have forced the company to put future OLED TVs on hold.

Over two years ago, the company unveiled its first range of OLED TVs in 11 and 27 inch models. Although there was a lot of excitement surrounding the new TVs and Sony was hopeful of a good demand for them, yet the company failed to generate sales. The reason being the price of 11 inch OLED TVs was almost the same as 50 inch LCD units.

In addition to being thinner than LCD TVs, OLED TVs also have better colours and contrast and use up less energy. Regardless of this, creating larger OLED TVs has proved to be expensive and difficult.

Although Sony has delayed its production of OLED TVs, its competitors are not wasting time. LG revealed a 15 inch prototype OLED unit but will not make a larger unit for a few years. Samsung has also recently showed-off a prototype 31 inch OLED TV, however, this TV is still a few years off mass production.

Until then, LCD TVs will continue to be the popular choice. These TVs are known for their excellent slim features and are best displayed fixed to a wall with the help of TV brackets. And with decreasing prices and better features, it does not seem like LCD TVs and LCD TV brackets will go out of style anytime soon.

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