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Sony’s new BRAVIA WE5 LCD TV range will consume less power

Category: News,TV Brackets — March 30th, 2009

Leading electronics manufacturer, Sony seems to have outdone itself with the introduction of its new BRAVIA WE5 LCD TV range. This new range of TVs apparently consumes 20-30% less power when compared to the BRAVIA range that was launched last year.

Sony’s excellent economic innovation features LCD TVs measuring 40 and 46 inches with full HD 1080p and a micro tubular HCFL backlight, the first of its type in the world which can reduce power consumption by over 50%. This range of TVs will also have an intelligent Presence Sensor that is capable of detecting movement or body heat of people sitting in a certain range of the screen. If the room is empty, the TV automatically switches the picture off.

The picture gets switched back on when presence is again detected in the room. This and the energy saving switch decreases the power consumption to zero and so makes this range of LCD TVs the ideal eco-friendly units to have in homes. Along with these features, the TVs will continue to provide HD vibrant picture quality.

This range of Sony’s LCD TVs is excellent for any purpose and the best viewing experience can only be obtained by using TV brackets to mount them on a wall. Their space saving design can make the best home entertainment experience you can have.

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