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Sony scrappage scheme might be a good excuse to buy new wall brackets

Category: TV Brackets — August 26th, 2009

Electronics giant Sony has launched a TV take-back plan offering money off new televisions in part-exchange for any old television set.

The electronics stalwart will trim down the price of its Bravia range of televisions by up to £150 in replacement for aging televison sets. The proposal will be launched from Friday, according to Sony.

A new television advertisement, which features rock star Alice Cooper, will urge Britain to update their TVs for the digital swap over.

The campaign itself offers clientele the rewards of swapping old for new rather than just throwing away their television sets ensuring that old televisions are to be responsibly disposed of.

Another important component of this promotion is the guarantee for customers that Sony will help them through the digital switchover knowing well that peace of mind is currently high on its priority lists at this difficult economic time.

LCD TV wall brackets can be an added bonus

Buying LCD TV wall brackets which are a good investment in terms of compatibility with different types of flat screen televisions would be great in the long run. Customers disposing their older television sets will understand the importance of LCD TV wall brackets which are compatible with all kinds of screens. If you intend to buy a new television by taking advantage of this scheme, purchasing a good wall mountable LCD TV bracket can ensure that your brand new Sony Bravia television can look a charm in your house.

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