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Sony incorporates new LCD TV technology into its Bravia TVs

Category: News — October 30th, 2009

Sony Electronics, who is already using third party manufacturers in Taiwan and China for producing their Bravia TVs, has now certified LCD TV technology from US TV manufacturer Vizio, for some of the company’s LCD TVs. Recently Vizio announced that it would not sue the electronic giants for violating Vizio LCD TV copyrights.

In fact, Vizio stated that Sony Corporation was licensed under the US company’s LCD TV patent portfolio. Patent disputes between the US based LCD TV technology company and the Japanese LCD TV manufacturers has finally been resolved and it is said that Sony will licence Vizio’s LCD technology for a number of their Bravia TVs now.

Vizio’s Vice President of Operations and Administration said that since the company had resolved disputes with Sony, it will continue to protect its rights and expand its licensing program as well. He added that as a licencee of legal patent right which is held by others and the owner of patent rights, Vizio respects intellectual assets and expects its competitors to act in the same manner.

This inclusion of Vizio’s LCD TV technology would probably mean better viewing for consumers. And there is no better way to watch TV than by mounting it on a wall with TV brackets.

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