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Some tips to help you install your LCD TV

Category: LCD Brackets — December 15th, 2008

An LCD TV is a costly appliance and you would not want to damage it before you have mounted it on the world. So the best option is to opt for professional help. However, if you very enthusiastic about doing the job yourself, the following are some tips which will help you.

Firstly, it is important to ensure that the model of LCD TV that you have bought is fit to be mounted on the wall. A look at the user manual should help you to determine this. They are marked as VESA compatible if they are fit to be used on the wall.

The TV should be mounted on the wall which is most comfortable for watching TV. The background wall of the TV should be painted in a plain, light colour. The TV should be mounted at a height which is convenient for TV watching.

If you are fitting the TV brackets on your own then you should follow the instruction manual as closely as possible. Any experiment on your part might lead to accidents damaging the TV.

The bracket should be securely fixed to the wall. Double check this, especially in the case of TV brackets which are complicated, like the tilt and swivel brackets and the cantilever brackets.

LCD TVs which have bigger screens are best left for the experts to install as they are heavier and need professional expertise for secure fitting.

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