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Sharp D65U TV saves precious energy

Category: Home Cinema — December 4th, 2008

Good picture quality coupled with power saving features makes the Sharp LC-52D65U a good choice. In fact, the USP of the Sharp D65U series is its energy saving features – probably making it the most efficient TV of its size available on the market.

Sharp’s latest Aquos is sharper than the earlier rounded designs – with a near-perfect rectangular hard-edged panel plus an angled bezel that surrounds the big screen. A thin grey strip stretches below it for the speakers.
If you retain the stand, the model measures 49.3” wide, 33.8” tall and 12.8” deep. It weighs 63.9 pounds. Sharp redesigns its displays almost every year, but rarely touches its remote controls. The one for the LC-52D65U is almost the same as the one shipped with the earlier LC-46D62U model. Apart from its full orange backlighting, it has a logical button layout. One notable addition to the remote is a ‘power saving’ key, which is located next to the volume rocker. The menu system design has not changed much. There are text explanations, which accompany various selections.

Its special power saving mode needs to be manually engaged via the menu. You need to select one of two options noted in the menu or press the remote’s dedicated button. Selecting standard power saving mode will cause the display to ‘optimise power consumption based on video content’ and selecting advanced will also incorporate a room lighting sensor. You can even know how much energy you are saving.

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