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Setting up a home cinema

Category: Home Cinema — March 31st, 2011

Blu-ray disc player

A Blu-ray disc has a storage capacity which is five times more than that of a DVD. It provides a detailed picture quality and an awesome viewing experience. Sound is also better on Blu-ray than a normal DVD.

A Blu-ray disc player can be attached to a high definition television via HDMI ports. With the increase in sales of LCD and plasma televisions, Blu-ray players have become a must have device.

An AV amplifier can be connected to a Blu-ray player using a single HDMI cable .The sound and video quality will give the ultimate cinematic experience to a user. If the television is placed on the ceiling or the wall, the proper positioning of speakers and screen can maximise the pleasure.

DVD player

DVD is an enhanced version of a compact disc. DVDs offer a better viewing quality, sound quality and has more storage capacity than a compact disc. A DVD is practically of same dimension as a CD.

A DVD player plays DVDs of both audio and video formats. It can be connected to a television through audio video or HDMI ports. It can also be connected to a home theatre via an amplifier to boost the sound and provide that extra bit more to the already pleasant experience.

The positioning of speakers also plays an important role in improving the sound quality of a DVD.

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