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Selecting a bracket for a plasma TV

Category: Advice — July 16th, 2009

One of the major advantages of modern technology is that it employs methods that allow TV screens of very thin size. This has made it much more practical to have large screen TVs in rooms where space is at a premium. Old, large screen TVs occupied a lot of space in rooms, but LCD and plasma TVs have now changed all that.

You can mount a plasma TV to a wall using TV brackets. But you will have to consider a few things before selection of a bracket and its installation. First and most important is the weight of your TV, which is mentioned in the manual or the box in which it is packed. When you shop for a suitable wall bracket, ensure that it is able to safely take the weight of your TV. If for any reason the bracket fails, your very expensive TV may get destroyed. Although you may have to pay more, buy a strong, sturdy bracket.

If possible, it is better to buy a TV bracket that is especially made for your TV model. However you can also get good quality universal brackets. You can find flexible wall brackets that enable you to extend the TV from the wall and swivel the screen to any angle for comfortable viewing from any place in the room.

After buying a TV wall bracket, the next important step is its proper installation. If not done correctly, the weight of your TV will pull the brackets down. It is therefore advisable to get installation of bracket and TV done by an experienced service provider.

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