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Select your TV bracket according to your requirements

Category: Advice,TV Brackets — July 21st, 2009

LCD TVs have become the preferred choice of television these days, not only because of the great picture quality they offer but also because they occupy so little space and look very stylish. The real beauty of owning an LCD TV is shown off when it is mounted on the wall. Selecting the suitable TV bracket and installing it correctly is thus of utmost importance.

TV brackets are available in a large variety and must be chosen according to necessity. Buying a TV bracket depending on only the price is a big mistake.

A swivelling cantilever TV bracket must be bought when the room you are thinking of installing the TV is very large and allows a number of TV viewing positions. Usually swivelling TV brackets are suitable for living rooms where people have an option of watching the TV from both the ends of the room.

Installation of a swivelling TV bracket in a small room is not required since there will be fewer TV viewing placing. Since swivelling TV brackets allow a greater TV viewing flexibility, these are more expensive, so a smaller room would not require this type of bracket.

Tilting TV brackets are most suitable for small rooms, as they operate on the different axis to the swivelling option, and are more suited for rooms with fewer viewing places. Tilting TV brackets allow little adjustments which make TV viewing experience better. So, take your pick intelligently.

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