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Samsung Smart TV 3D VOD service launch

Category: Home Cinema — March 29th, 2011

Samsung electronics have been working hard to hold their position in the market.
Their latest invention in this quest is the new 3D VOD service. By introducing this service, Samsung electronics wants to capture the HD TV market.

The new service has already been introduced in Korea and is waiting its launch in the UK and other European countries. Although no dates have been mentioned, Samsung promises to launch the TV later this year

After the launch of 3D services, Samsung electronics have tried boosting it using various electronics. Samsung 3D VOD is an addition to that list. It enables the viewers to stream 3D programs directly on their TV sets using a broadband connection. Consumers need to download the Samsung TV App Store Explore 3D app in order to watch the programmes.

Offers includes movie clips, kids programming, concerts and it’ll be available free of charge. According to the company’s press release, Samsung will work upon it and will increase the number of titles to 50 this year alone.

With the introduction of this new service, Samsung wants to make 3D programming an easier task

With the rise in the sale of HD 3D LCD TVs, the increasing need for TV brackets has also risen considerably.

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