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Samsung launches LE22B470 LCD DVD combo in UK

Category: News — October 30th, 2009

The competition between LCD TV manufacturers is fierce as they try to outdo each other in order to gain more customers. Samsung Electronics, one of the leading LCD TV manufacturers today, has launched its very first LCD TV/ DVD combination in the UK. The LE22B470 LCD TV is said to offer not just high definition picture and sound quality, but also a medium by which this can be enjoyed.

Samsung’s latest launch is said to be the ideal solution for those who cannot decide whether they should buy an LCD TV or a DVD player. The new LCD TV is said to be available in a 22” model. However, the unit is apparently offering consumers more than just an in-built DVD player.

Although there has not been an official confirmation from the company, it is rumoured that the LE22B470 LCD TV will also be offering a Freeview tuner. The unit is said to now be available at a few places and the company is expecting huge success.

So what will make this LCD TV a hit? Well there are a number of reasons why many will want this unit. For starters they will not have to buy two separate devices. And second, you can be sure to save a lot of space with this piece of equipment. Mounting this LCD TV on TV brackets will mean you will not need to worry about space for a DVD player. However, you may just have to consider moveable TV brackets for this LCD TV rather than the standard ones.

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