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Samsung invests 1 billion dollars in upscaling technology

Category: News,TV Brackets — March 4th, 2009

If you are considering buying an upscaling DVD player then think again, as Samsung claims that its new 2009 range of plasma screen and LCD televisions can do a better job than any upscaling player.

At a recent briefing, the senior engineer at Samsung, Boo Taeck Lim said the company has invested well above 1 billion dollars in research & development to develop and produce their own scaling technology. Previously, the electronics giant used to purchase chips from Taiwan and use them in their range of televisions. Now with their own chip scaling solution, the company hopes to make enormous improvements in picture quality.

The new chip developed by Samsung, will appear in all mid-market and up-market Samsung televisions this year. The new chip auto senses the original resolution of the source material and converts it to whatever the original resolution was, before matching it with the panel and upscaling it.

The global electronics giant, Samsung says with their brand new television screens, there is no point in using or purchasing an upscaling DVD player.

The 2009 LCD and plasma screen TV range from Samsung will have a wall mountable option. Most users of such television screens prefer to mount them on the wall using TV brackets, as they offer a wider and better viewing angle.

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