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Samsung introduces new wall mountable LED TV

Category: LCD Brackets,News,TV Brackets — January 18th, 2009

Samsung has introduced its new super thin Luxia range of LED TVs at CES 2009, the world’s largest consumer electronic tradeshow. This new range uses low power LEDs instead of LCD tubes and consumes 40% less power than other flat screen televisions.

The Luxia is available in a choice of three models and all feature USB ports. The three models, 8000, 7000 and 6000 are available in diagonal screen sizes between 44” and 55”.
The refresh rate for the 8000 model is an excellent 240Hz, whilst the remaining two have a good refresh rate of 120Hz.

This new range of LEDs from Samsung has a thickness of just over 1” with an even thinner wall-mount to keep the screen as flat as possible. The prices and launch dates for all three models are to be announced by Samsung soon.

When buying a TV bracket for slim and super lightweight televisions, always insist on checking the quality of the bracket. Many inferior and low quality TV wall brackets are available which can have a disastrous result. TV brackets are also available that can be mounted or hung from the ceilings that help to save space and provide a different viewing experience.

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