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Requirements for installing your LCD or plasma TV

Category: LCD Brackets — August 6th, 2009

Entertainment is a must for everyone, regardless of who you are, where you come from and what you do. The latest in entertainment systems are LCD and plasma TVs which do more than just entertain people. These thin lightweight units are an owner’s pride and joy and for this reason, they need to be installed in an extremely careful manner.

Installing LCD and plasma TVs

Unlike the TVs from yesteryear which were big and heavy, new models are slim and light. These TVs are mounted on walls with the help of TV wall brackets. This is done not only because it makes the room more aesthetically pleasing but also because it enhances the viewing experience a great deal.

Selecting your TV wall brackets

There are different kinds of TV wall brackets that you will have to choose from when selecting TV brackets for your unit.

Size – Depending on the size of the TV, you will need to select TV brackets of appropriate size. This will ensure that the TV wall bracket used is strong enough to take the weight of the TV.

Mobility – There are different kinds of TV brackets that allow you to move the unit if required. You can choose between TV brackets that keep the unit against the wall or ones that allow you to adjust the unit.

TV wall brackets are best installed by professionals so that they are safe and secure on the wall.

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