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PS42A457P1DXXU Wall Bracket Review

Category: News — November 13th, 2009

ps42a457p1dxxu wall bracket

Samsung has done very well indeed here and have managed to combine class and cost saving. This is a decent sized screen with a great deal going for it, and which is priced at around only £500.

Let’s tell you a bit more.

Slick design marries avant garde technology in this series 4 Samsung set. This Plasma comes with Sports mode making it optimized for fast moving action. Filterbright is a Samsung two-way daylight filter technology that soaks up external light to ensure that contrast levels are not affected by reflection.
This has 3 HDMI connections making it hook up happy.

To make the most of it, all you need is ps42a457p1dxxu wall bracket. Given this screen is 42 inches and comes with technology that soaks up external light, you don’t need a ps42a457p1dxxu wall bracket that needs to be flexible to help adjust it out of the sun for example, and bigger screens are always better flat mounted so this is our ps42a457p1dxxu wall bracket choice. We hope you agree.


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