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Protect your TV with an LCD TV wall bracket

Category: TV Brackets — February 22nd, 2009

Just a few decades ago, many people used to watch television on black and white TV sets with extremely poor picture quality. Technology has improved incredibly quickly and High Definition TV sets have become readily available these days. Today, consumer’s need TV sets that can also enhance the display picture quality.

There are many types of TV screens that fit perfectly for High Definition (HD) purposes and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens are amongst the most popular and practical ones. Although many types of LCD technology exist they are usually all based on certain principles. The liquid crystals are rod shaped molecules that allow the liquid to flow easily and refract light to create a look in many diverse shades.

These Liquid Crystals are crammed between the sheets of a polarising material and a bright light is shone throughout them at altering angles from the back of the set. Thousands of transistors are used to create the glass substrate of these LCD panels. LCD panels are usually placed in vertical and horizontal rows and are used for energising the pixels at specific locations.

LCD and plasma television sets are usually slim and sleek and hence a small knock can damage these screens. So in order to safeguard your TV set, it is essential to mount your TV on a wall using a LCD TV wall bracket.

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