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Now internet and the television in your palms

Category: News — September 24th, 2009

Samsung has beaten Apple, Toshiba and Archos by demonstrating the new internet tablet that can be connected to Samsung televisions. This is a revolutionary new product which not only opens up new realms of possibility, it also gives them the ultimate option of mobility while accessing the internet or even catching up on a TV series of their choice.

Known as the remote portable LED TV Couple, the device has a 7 inch screen and high speed wi fi connectivity. This feature will let people surf the internet at any given place in their homes. Another feature of the device is that it accommodates the streaming of multimedia programmes from the internet such as videos and flash animations and can be connected to local devices and PCs.

The device is powered on RMI chips and is the first of its kind. This device will allow high quality video from two different channels to be played on a regular sized LED television as well as a hand held audio visual remote device simultaneously.

When the handheld device is not in use, it may be used interchangeably as a digital photo frame.

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