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New Sony LCD TV just 9.99 millimetres thick

Category: LCD Brackets,TV Brackets — February 8th, 2009

Sony Bravia’s ZX1 which has just been launched especially for the European market has a screen which is just 9.99 mm thick. The amazingly thin screen of this LCD TV has surprised most buyers. The LCD TV has full HD display and is almost as thin as a CD case.

The basic reason for its thinness is that the picture tube responsible for projecting the images on the screen has been replaced in this model by side projectors placed at the side panels instead of at the back.

The clarity of picture is simply amazing and is thus a must buy for any style conscious person. This LCD TV is sure to become a great item that looks good and will fit in with any modern home décor.

However, to make sure that the TV is installed properly, the right kind of TV bracket should also be purchased. TV brackets help to mount the LCD TV to the wall and enhance the sleekness of the TV.

TV brackets are also instrumental in saving space as you will not need to bring in a cabinet or table just for placing the TV on. So, go ahead and buy this amazing TV, not forgetting to select the right LCD TV brackets and then enjoy the view!

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