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Mounting flat panel TVs is now safe in the commercial sector

Category: TV Brackets — July 7th, 2009

Everyone knows that flat screen TVs are one of the most popular electronic gadgets that you can buy today. This is not simply a trend but it is an excellent way to watch TV, thanks to their enhanced picture and sound quality. And the affordable rates at which these units are available, has made it possible for just about anyone to buy them.

Flat screen TVs can be seen in all kinds of commercial places like restaurants, bars, pubs, supermarkets, offices and many other places as well. Instead of using regular TV brackets there are two other better alternatives for mounting TVs in commercial locations.

Ideal TV brackets for commercial locations

Ceiling TV brackets- From the very name itself you will realise what these TV brackets are. Ceiling TV brackets are fixed onto the ceiling so the unit hangs from this position. This type of TV bracket is perfect for places where mounting TVs on walls is not advisable.

Cantilever TV wall brackets- This type of TV bracket is extremely flexible as it allows a number of functions. Cantilever TV brackets can be tilted, swivelled from side to side and the screen can even be pulled forward or pushed back. These make cantilever TV brackets the apt choice for all kinds of commercial locations and even homes.

Both types of TV brackets are excellent for keeping the units away from people’s reach, thus offering greater safety.

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