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Measure your LCD TV to select the right TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — February 24th, 2009

If you are planning to buy a flat screen TV and opting for an LCD TV, you need to determine whether you want to go for a large screen or small screen TV. The selection is great and you can choose from budget, midrange or luxury categories to suit your home as well as your pocket.

A small LCD TV would be something in the line of around 19 inches to 26 inches and a large LCD TV would be anything between and above 37 to 40 inches wide.

The ideal way to measure the screen would be to measure it across from corner to corner diagonally without measuring any speakers or surrounding accessories.

Also behind the LCD TV you can find 4 holes either in a square or rectangular shape where you can attach a TV bracket when wall mounting. This is usually referred to as the VESA mount measurements and is normally stated in millimetres. Most TV brackets that are manufactured are compatible with VESA measurements.

Choosing the right LCD TV wall bracket can add to your viewing experience. An appropriate TV bracket will give you the enhanced options of turning, and tilting your LCD TV to different angles which gives you more flexibility in your viewing experience.

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