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Know the basics of LCD TV brackets before you buy one

Category: TV Brackets — November 15th, 2009

Selecting the right kind of LCD TV bracket is not too difficult. However many consider this simple task as a complicated job. So choosing a TV bracket from the internet you need to know a few basics things about mounting an LCD TV bracket.

Basics to know:

Choose a bracket that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your TV and matches the VESA spacing. It is also important to determine the material the wall is made of so as to choose the right fastening hardware. The hardware differs for wood and brick/plaster.

There are a number of mounting brackets available in different colours and materials. You can choose from:

• Fixed
• Tilting
• Cantilever

The difference between these three is their flexibility. Fixed mounting brackets cannot be moved. Tilting brackets provide a little flexibility. The LCD TV can be moved up or down by a few degrees. Cantilever TV brackets offer the most flexibility. This type of mounting can help you move your brackets even away from the wall to any given angle.

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