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Joint forces of Panasonic and Cameron to promote 3D TVs

Category: News — August 28th, 2009

Electronics manufacturer, Panasonic is set to join forces with Hollywood director James Cameron to promote Blu-ray disc players and new flat screen 3D TVs. Simultaneously, they will also be trying to promote ticket sales for the director’s 3D movie Avatar.

With this collaboration, Panasonic is hoping to establish the company’s reputation as one of the foremost leaders in 3D technology within the industry. So during next month, the electronics’ company will have a large number of trailer-vans going around Europe and the US with large-screen 3D TVs in them showing Avatar.

A spokesman from RealD, a company that develops digital cinema equipment for 3D movies, Rick Heineman said that for consumer electronic companies to do a big push of these 3D TVs, adequate content is required. At the moment, 2 million homes are capable of handling 3D content and many electronic companies agree that the number is not big enough.

However, Panasonic, which has not done all that well with its plasma business due to the growing popularity of LCD screens, is looking to start selling their 3D TVs by next year. The company is planning a big push in 3D home entertainment and will also introduce a 103 inch plasma 3D TV as well.

With this kind of 3D entertainment, it seems like TV brackets will also become more popular. Or will there be new kinds of TV brackets introduced for these TVs as well?

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