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Important considerations when selecting TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — July 9th, 2009

The initial designs of television sets didn’t require special installation. TV sets were quite bulky and oversized and had to be kept either on a TV stand or a strong table. Shapes and designs of TVs have undergone a big change. Today’s TVs are slim and lightweight and can be mounted onto walls using brackets.

Brackets save space and can change the appearance of the room. When you are looking at buying a suitable bracket for your new TV, the following important points should be taken into consideration.
Size: The size of the television is very important since it is a deciding factor in the selection of the bracket. Brackets are categorised as per the size of TVs.

Mobility: Depending on your room set up and how you want to watch TV, you can select a suitable type of bracket. If you want to swivel your screen you will have to buy a bracket with a swivelling feature. A bracket that swivels as well as tilts can also be installed which will enhance your flexibility to move the screen in any direction.

Load-bearing capacity: Ensure that bracket you select has the load-bearing capacity to take load of your TV. Do not exceed limits specified for the bracket or it could result in damage if the bracket cracks or breaks.

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