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Important considerations in installation of brackets for LCD TVs

Category: LCD Brackets — August 5th, 2009

Installation of brackets for LCD or plasma screen TVs is a tricky and cumbersome task. The surface of the wall where you would like to mount your TV bracket and screen should be perfectly flat. A wall painted a plain, soothing colour provides better ambience and viewing experience.

Manufacturers of TV brackets provide an instruction manual for installation. These manuals describe all the necessary and important steps in the fixing of TV brackets so as to ensure the safe and secure installation of LCD or plasma TV screens that are generally quite heavy. When mounting TV brackets, select a place where studs are located. You must use only specialised screws and attachments for installing brackets and screen.

Mark spots before drilling holes where screws will fit. Fix brackets at a height from the floor convenient for people. Viewing should not cause strain to your eyes or neck.

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