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Ideal TV brackets for keeping LCD and plasma TVs safe in public places

Category: TV Brackets — August 17th, 2009

With plasma and LCD TV prices becoming more affordable, they have become far more attainable. These TVs are so popular that they are not only wonderful entertainment units for homes but can also be found in a number of public places. These TVs are mostly found in bars, pubs, restaurants, airports, railway stations and offices as well.

However, there is always a risk involved when these high definition flat screen TVs are mounted in public places so TV brackets are often used.

Ceiling TV brackets- This is one of the safest ways to mount LCD and plasma TVs in public places. Ceiling TV brackets are attached from the ceiling and hold TVs up higher than other kinds of TV brackets. Regardless of how high ceiling TV brackets hold TVs, it is still quite easy to view them.

Cantilever TV brackets- This kind of TV bracket is especially great in public places that are large in size. The reason is that these TV brackets can help to move the screen from side to side and even tilt it. Cantilever TV brackets even allow the unit to be pulled away from the wall to improve viewing.

There is another feature that both these TV brackets have that make them ideal for use in public places. Both TV brackets keep the TV units out of the reach of people and ultimately out of harm. This makes them ideal for any public place.

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