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Get set for new-age 3D screens you can watch without using glasses

Category: News — December 1st, 2008

The next innovation to happen in the home television industry could well be screens which allow viewers to watch movies and programmes in three-dimensions without using glasses.

Many movies, particularly animated ones, are being produced in 3D now. Of course, three-dimensional movie watching is not really a new concept. But audiences are made to slip on unwieldy glasses. Now television manufacturers are turning their attention to sets with user-friendly 3D-friendly screens.

An analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group, Mark Peters explained:

“The 3D effect comes since you as a viewer get slightly different views/images of the world from your left and right eyes. The original films in the past had red and green glasses. The funniest thing was probably turning around and looking at everyone wearing the same glasses.”

Glasses-wearing viewers suffered the problem of feeling either uncomfortable or sensitive to movement. Thanks to a series of advancements happening in technology this will change. The new TV screens feature small ridges, which produce more sophisticated versions of the 3D effect on ‘hologram’ cards. So get set for innovative 3D TV screens that you can watch without using glasses.

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