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Freesat to be integrated in Sony Bravia Z5800 and W5810

Category: News — September 8th, 2009

It looks like television viewing is going to get a lot better with the latest deal Sony has struck. The TV manufacturer has joined forces with digital TV service Freesat as Sony launched a new range of TVs. Freesat provides high definition programmes that viewers can watch without the need for subscriptions.

Freesat is currently the only service that offers ITV and BBC in high definition that is subscription free. The TV service reportedly now has 200,000 viewers and like Panasonic, Sony has also decided to launch its series of integrated Freesat TVs. Sony Bravia Z5800 and W5810 are proving to be simply great for HD viewing of movies, sports, games and regular TV.

The TV service is said to have more than 140 channels and is even rumoured to currently be working on incorporating BBC’s iPlayer into its offering. This inclusion will definitely surpass the offerings of its competitors. Freesat is currently available in all size Panasonic TVs and in 37 and 32 inch LG TVs.

Apparently, integrated Freesat TVs have integrated receivers that greatly improve picture quality so the result is better visuals. With this kind of offering, there is no doubt that the sale of flat panel TVs will increase and one of the best ways to improve watching these TVs is with TV brackets. This will also probably mean that sale figures of TV brackets will also rise in due course.

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