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Flat screen TVs can be best enjoyed when they are wall mounted

Category: TV Brackets — April 11th, 2009

Flat screen TVs are very popular and in demand because they offer great picture quality and look sleek. Flat screen TVs occupy less space as they can be mounted on a wall, meaning you do not need to install the TV on a bulky cabinet or table that occupies considerable space in your living room.

However, flat screen TVs can be mounted on the wall using TV brackets that are available in many different styles. TV brackets allow you to adjust the TV screen to several viewing positions. There are different TV brackets available that offer such a function.

The two most popular TV brackets are tilting TV brackets and the cantilever arm swivel TV brackets.

The tilting TV brackets allow the TV screen to be tilted by 10 to 15 degrees in all directions. These brackets are best for small living rooms where the number of TV viewing positions is limited. The tilting of the TV screen is useful as it allows the viewers to move the screen so that glare and reflection can be avoided.

The cantilever arm swivel TV bracket is best for large living rooms where the TV can be viewed from different positions. The cantilever arm of the TV bracket allows the TV screen to be moved by 180 degrees, making it possible to view it from opposite ends of the room. So, take your pick according to your requirements and choose the right TV bracket.

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