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Factors to consider when buying TV brackets

Category: TV Brackets — October 9th, 2009

The competition between TV manufacturers has increased recently, as the race to produce the slimmest flat screen LCD TV intensifies. It seems that almost every day a new model comes out claiming to be the slimmest LCD TV in the world.

These TVs, however slim they may be, need to be fixed to the wall with some kind of support. This support is provided by a LCD TV bracket.

The different varieties of TV brackets
There are different types of LCD TV brackets you can choose from, each with their own unique characteristics and advantages. You can choose from flush, tilt, swivel and tilt, ceiling, or cantilever arm TV wall brackets. The flush TV wall bracket holds the TV firmly to the wall, whereas the tilt variety can be moved to any position to give you the best possible view. The swivel and tilt TV bracket gives you a little more flexibility than the tilt bracket, whilst the ceiling TV bracket is completely unique as it enables you to mount the television onto the ceiling. With all of these options in mind, you have to carefully select the TV bracket most suitable to your requirements.

Tips to help you choose the right TV bracket
There are some tips you can follow to help you make your decision, such as calling the TV manufacturer to find out about your TV model. Take down all the information they give you and ask them which bracket would be suitable for that particular LCD TV. Armed with this information, you can choose the right LCD TV bracket for you.

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