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Different types of TV brackets that you can choose from

Category: TV Brackets — February 6th, 2009

A TV bracket is as important as your cherished LCD TV. LCD TVs can create the desired style impact only when they are mounted on the wall. The most important thing about a TV bracket is that it holds the TV and if you choose the wrong bracket then your TV might be damaged.

Thus while choosing a TV bracket be careful to select a bracket that fits the shape, size and weight requirements of your LCD TV. After this criterion is fulfilled you can choose any type of TV bracket from the ones listed below.

Sliding TV bracket
These TV brackets are more or less fixed and offer very little flexibility. Using this TV bracket you can slide your LCD TV right and left by a few inches.

Tilting TV bracket
This TV bracket lets you tilt the TV screen by a few inches in four directions. Although it does not provide many viewing positions, it is more flexible than sliding TV brackets. It is usually used when a TV is installed in a small room. The tilting is helpful in keeping the TV screen from reflecting external light.

Cantilever TV bracket

This TV bracket is fitted with a fully functional cantilever arm and can offer innumerable viewing positions. This TV bracket is ideal for a large room where the TV is installed in the centre and can be viewed from both ends of the room.

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