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Different types of TV brackets for your LCD television

Category: TV Brackets — February 22nd, 2009

With the introduction of LCD screens and plasma screens, the level of home entertainment has been raised to the next level. These TVs are breaking all the barriers and providing you with the best entertainment available. Manufacturers of LCD and plasma screen TVs are in a race to offer the consumer their latest models that have all the latest features and the slimmest screen size.

For most people purchasing an LCD TV is a big investment and it is necessary to protect and safeguard this. In addition, these super slim and lightweight television sets are best viewed when they are mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling of your room.

The ideal way to mount an LCD TV on the wall is by using a TV bracket. TV brackets are available in different sizes to fit all types and sizes of LCD TVs. Some popular and commonly selected LCD TV brackets are:

Tilt TV brackets – These TV brackets are ideal if you have a big living room and view the LCD TV from different seating positions. With tilt TV brackets, you can change the viewing angle of your LCD TV up to 15 degrees to achieve the best viewing angle.

Slim TV brackets – These LCD TV wall brackets are ideal if you want your LCD TV to be close to the wall as possible. Slim TV brackets are designed to remain hidden behind the TV but still provide adequate support.

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