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Different TV Brackets you can use to wall mount your TV

Category: TV Brackets — July 12th, 2009

TV wall brackets are in great demand everywhere in the world today. The manufacturing industry has thus developed some of the best TV brackets to cater to people’s demand to mount their flat screen TVs.

Flat Wall Mount

The flat wall mount would be an ideal option for those who wish to mount their new flat screen TV on a wall and want it to be placed very close to the wall. This bracket has a very sleek profile such that your TV can be kept in a proper, good position and still close to the wall, the way you want it to be.

Tilt Wall Mount

This type of bracket again caters to requirements for a flat wall, and as such while it can be flat it can also be tilted down within 15 degrees to place the TV accordingly. The tilting mount is best when the TV is mounted high up on the wall such that the light from a window shines on the screen. You can also adjust the angle of the TV and get rid of the reflecting light that can spoil the picture quality. A tilt wall mount is thicker in depth when compared to a flat wall mount.

Tilt and Swivel Wall Mount
These mounts are best suited for smaller LCD screen TVs of up to 32 inches. They facilitate left to right and up and down movements so that the viewer can adjust it to the correct position from different sitting angles.

Cantilever Wall Mounts
These mounts offer greater flexibility in terms of moving your TV from one position to another, and they also can be tilted in different angles. Cantilever mounts are helpful when you want to continually watch your favourite TV program whilst you move from one room to another, as these can be placed such that people sitting in two rooms can view the screen with ease.

Ceiling TV Mounts
These mounts are generally used for commercial purposes, such as in supermarkets, nightclubs, pubs and bars. These are big in size and keep the screen out of one’s reach and offer the best vision to their viewers.

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